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Cases and Presentations - May 2016

Presentations, hah! In law school, you're presenting a case brief. Not a PowerPoint. You are presenting to the class. 



I recently left my position at a corporate company to work for a small government sales company. The plus is the flexibility. I get to see my daughter (from another mother) and her daughter as well as my kiddo. Deep down, I feel like I need to be in a law firm setting so that I can get acclimated. Also, because I have worked in corporate legal departments for most of my legal career. That is for another time.

I have had my first official week as a 1L student. My professors are interesting. My criminal law professor is an ADA (Sweet!) and my torts professor was recently sworn in.  

I started studying (well taking notes) before class started on Tuesday.  

Lol! Then hubs and I went on vacation...so, I took notes on the drive up to Mammoth.

I think I spent more time taking more notes for my criminal law class than I did for my torts class. No Bueno.  

First night of class and it was a debacle. The school swapped to a new system during the break, so everyone was getting acclimated. You would think that people would have reviewed the new system, as directed in an email, before class started.  Not so much. I am not hating. Just observing. 

I am liking my two professors. My Crim law professor is pretty by the book, but great (so far). She has been teaching at the school for six years.

My Torts professor is a graduate of the school and was recently sworn in to the bar in Novemberish. The plus with her, it's still fresh for her. She is going to be passing on a lot of great information and helpful exam strategies. She is also a former paralegal. 

Seriously, this is a lot. Tonight, I realized that my life Monday through Thursday is literally all for law school. I had to change my workout schedule to accommodate my law school schedule. Then again, my whole week is law school.  I am behind a day in my case briefs. You cannot be behind. Also, we have to be prepared for each class. There is so much to learn and my mind has to change to think like an attorney. 

I find that my husband is a distraction. Especially while on vacation. I am not even sure how to deal with it. I am hoping that he will be more engulfed in his classes when we get back. I am thinking I will need to lock myself away in a law library to study every day. Ahhhh married life. 

I imagine that I will be meal prepping for each week.

I did download an app on my phone called Quimbee. Great to read cases and briefs as well as courses that define the elements. I think it will help me understand law. Study aids are the best! My torts professor even shared mp3s of our cases to listen to. That is awesome!

The first week was overwhelming. So much that I had get a sweat session in at the hotel after class.  

Next will be better because I will be more prepared. 

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