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Derailed -- So, Get the F&Ck UP! May 2017

Where do I start? July 2016? December 2016? When I lost my drive? When I watched my son have a grand mal seizure while leaving the Neurologist?

Let's start with me, losing my drive.  Being overwhelmed. Honestly, missing my friends and my family. Alienating my spouse.  None of it was intentional. It just happened, because I wanted to be good. There was just too much. I think, I have a better handle on what has been going on, lately. 

Honestly, I was not ready, by any means, to take the First Year Law Student Exam (FYLSE) in June. I could have been ready in October. But, I didn't have the focus. I missed cooking. Don't laugh. I really did. 

Legal Writing and Analysis - that professor was definitely tough. It was, SO MUCH WORK, on top of the class, 4 essays a week AND bar prep course which included another 4 essays per week. That's where it just hit the fan SO HARD. With all that, then full time work, trying to mom from 45 miles away, wife, and take my other class that had another two essays per week and brief cases. YOU guys, it was SO MUCH! My head wasn't in the game. I was all over the place. 

When it came time for the midterm, I did decent on the essays, bombed the multiple choice. Bombed SO HARD. Same with the final. Mind you, this class is required to take the Baby Bar. The class certifies you as a law student.  It's not that I didn't grasp the content.  I mean, clearly I did. Application and execution was the issue and where my head was.

How is it going to be different?

First, I know that my new school will send my education transcripts over to the State Bar. When I went and submitted my do-over application, I was told that my status as a registered law student was nil.  Say what now!!! WTF! Hold on - a WHOLE YEAR of school was WASTED. I wasn't even a law student according to the State Bar.

Mom-ing from 45 miles. We (ex-h and I) agreed to have our son move in with his sister. The town he lives in (still in San Diego County) has a better school system. They also recognize and provide more tools for his epilepsy. His sister is a bit more available (she can work from home) and she's on his butt like nobody's business (of course, she just found out that she is on baby number two!). My kid is also a senior this school year (O - M - G)!

I started with a new school in May- American Heritage School of Law. I am paying less per year in tuition, but the same monthly amount (I have no idea how I saved there). Still the same platform, online. I also started a new job with a SUPER small firm, but there is more opportunity to get down and dirty with litigation. The plus is...my boss will train me! Even Betta like Chedda.

My grades are much better and my head is swiftly in the game. I can't fail any classes with a size of 6 six students. Yea, super small ratio. 

Stay tuned!!


Cases and Presentations - May 2016