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The Intro Class - March 2016


Who starts law school in the middle of a fitness challenge?  This girl did!

So, what is it about really?  Why did I decide I should go to law school now?  There are so many factors.  Mainly, there isn't a lawyer in my family.  My adopted family. I don't think there is one in my ex-husband's family OR my current husband's family (don't ask). No, that isn't why.

My desire to go to law school has been on my radar for LITERALLY YEARS. As in, when I graduated with my associates, I was gung-ho on the idea of just taking the bar exam and doing it.  My mentor said, Do it. I said, I'll wait. I felt the need for experiencing the legal world (and I did)!


Initially, I planned on going last year (2015).  I applied to a school another colleague applied to and I got in.  I even gave away my CP class (that I won at the San Diego Paralegal Association's June Paralegal Night Event) to a very well deserving paralegal, because what was I going to do with it right? I would look like an over achiever with a CP and ESQ at the end of my name.  By the way - the deserving paralegal, just got her CP designation (AWESOME)! The school I was accepted to was a correspondence course based school. MEH.  First of all, I have the attention span of a four year old.  I have deer-in-headlight moments with people that I talk to (my husband can vouch for this).  Here is why, if it isn't interesting, my eyes will glass over.  I will look you in the face, but I am really not paying attention (how does this apply - just wait).

Things that interest me: FOOD, ANYTHING LEGAL, MOTORCYCLES, MY KID, MY FAMILY.  Not necessarily in that order, but you get it right? Drama, doesn't not interest me (I guess litigator will not be inserted here), yet I find myself around it, quite a bit.

Things that I do - Very Well:  Forms.  Legal Forms.  Contracts, Research, INTERROGATORIES <=> DISCOVERY (it takes a special kind of crazy for this), COOK, LOVE, Friendships.

So, law school, because I like to argue.  I like reading cases (mostly for precedent), but I like how the law is CHANGING.  Everyday. I am seriously that person who gets the following emails: LegalTech News, Corporate Counsel News, Intellectual Property News, ACEDS news, CAPA, SDPA, SD Entertainment Lawyers (I just joined this group)...catch my drift.

So, correspondence school - NOT for this girl. I just didn't have the discipline for it.

Also, I am also the worst procrastinator. I am going to need a really good paralegal once I start practicing.



I have hit a plateau in my paralegal career where I need to work in a law firm.  It's been ages. I have worked in corporate legal departments for a good part of my legal career. Don't get me wrong, I love being a paralegal, but eventually, I am going to need to grow up (for me at least - in my mind). To me, being a paralegal is a wonderful stepping stone, but I want to be in the mix.  I want to do more helping and being a paralegal, you are limited in the help you can provide.  I can't give advice.  People do ridiculous things. I can't advise on it.  I can refer them to a good attorney...but not everyone can afford one. I want to be the attorney. I want to teach paralegals.  OH SNAP!  Yea..that too. Apparently - there is something cooking about the Limited Legal Technician for the State of California.  You can read about that here. It's already being done in Washington.


I want to be a great role model, not just for my son, but for other paralegals.  I would love to teach paralegals.  I want the kind of mentoring relationship with students that I have with my mentor, Jeff Thorud.  We chat every now and then, but it's like so much time hasn't passed.  He was my legal director at the school I graduated from. He moved to Texas, with the same school. It's important to foster those relationships you have in school and in work. Remember to do that.

Okay, back to recapping my week - Case Briefs and IRAC.   I totally get this.  There is another paralegal in my class (I am attending an online law school that shall remain nameless).  She's pretty good. There are two VPs and a Nurse in my class as well.  I think there is an accountant in my class too.  I can't remember. Anyhow, the class make up is about 20 students.  20 students for an online law school.  Watch out.

Anyhow, people are confused already. Why?  Because they didn't read the assignment SMH. Oh the kicker - the Dean is teaching.  Come on people...I mean, you log in and read the assignment.  Professor even goes over it before class ends.  Imagine taking two classes at a time (I think that happens next month). Right now, class is from 6pm to about 8pm. It may change.  Criminal Law is the first class.  The class I am in now is a Pass/Fail class and a pre-req to starting school. 

Okay, it's different. For sure. I like it though.

I moved my desk from the downstairs room to upstairs in the living room so that I can actually sit and be in class, instead of sitting on the floor...LOL! I think this is going to be a blast.  

Good thing that hubby is in school.

Cases and Presentations - May 2016